Monday, 10 December 2012

Choose your own (library) adventure

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Another library game idea from me... though more of an interactive storyline that a "proper" game. Relates to time management and search skills, but could just as easily cover different topics (plagiarism perhaps?).

Use either Powerpoint (there is an option to create hotlinks to jump straight to another slide when someone clicks on that hotspot), or a tool such as Articulate Storyline to create this one - then it can be hosted online, possibly within a virtual learning environment. Or get a programmer to create it for you!

1) The player is presented with a list of choices related to completing an assignment. These relate to putting themselves in the position of someone with an assignment deadline approaching - do they procrastinate or knuckle down to it? Do they search Google or borrow books from the library?
2) A short storyline would be mapped out, with previous choices influencing the next (e.g. they may not find the book they need in the library if they leave it to the last minute!).
3) A small number of endings would be presented showing the results of their choices - i.e. do they do well or badly in the assignment?

Use: To encourage timely use of library resources and good time management skills
Format: Online
Time to play: 10 minutes, but could be replayed several times.
Players: Individual

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