Saturday, 18 May 2013

Referencing Rummy

A referencing card game, based on Gin Rummy.
Thanks to Carol writing them up, instructions follow:

To collect a set (or run) of referencing elements for either a book, British Standard, journal or website.

Instructions of how to play
1.    This game can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of six.
2.    Shuffle the cards well and deal five cards per player.
3.    Each player takes it in turns to take a card from the pile, they can either keep that card and discard one from their hand or discard that card.
4.    If a player turns a joker card, they may use that to represent their chosen element of the reference.
5.    When a player has a complete reference, they shout “Harvard” and show their hand in the correct order.  They are then the winner.
6.    If a player shouts “Harvard” and either it wrong or they place it down incorrectly, they miss a turn.
7.     Beware of red herrings!

Emma also wrote this up in more detail on her blog.


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  3. How did you make the cards? Do you have a template for it?

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